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Notes from around the world:

Tom: I was researching Typhoon Hester for an article and I came across the Warlord web site. I do not follow Vietnam history (probably should but you know how some people feel about those days) so I was surprised and pleased by your commendable work and should add to the record, at least as the list of commanders are concerned. I took over command in July ’71 from Maj. Drew and was the last Warlord 6 standing the unit down and seeing the last men leave in November, after Typhoon Hester delivered the knockout blow on 23 Oct. During those last four months the unit had one KIA from an OH-6 shoot down and was essentially wiped out by Hester losing about 13 helos when the hanger collapsed. I won’t go into detail now but I am particularly proud of how I took the Warlords into action one last time, going out in glory. I organized a night raid (had a devil of a time getting Div. Hqs OK and a very unusual Army aviation operation) taking the entire unit about 50k west to a known VC collecting point at the conjunction of two rivers, a free fire zone, and we rolled in with everything we had…a/c lights out or taped, a surprise raid, returning to Chu Lai as the sun rose over the China Sea, circled the airfield in column and with a flyover landed one at a time, for the last time. I landed last, the final logged combat time for the Warlords. We stood down later that day.

I have the company guide on hanging in my office…took it with me as I flew from Chu Lai to Long Binh as I still had 7 months remaining on my second tour.

Tom Marshall

Col. USA Ret.

Dear Mr. Okerlund,
My  name is SGT(P) Michael D. Stockton. I am one of the current Warlords of todays army. It was once B/6 of the 101st now we are A/6 of the 101st. When your the best company you have to be Alpha, right? Anyways, I am writting you in regards to the website. I stumbled across it today. It does great honor to our company Past and present. I have to let you know, for the first time since the war with Terror kicked off, our company has lost one of ours to this war. SSG Joshua D. Powell(1984-2010) died durring one of our Assult missions over here. I was in the the same flight, different aircraft though, it was a tragic day for us. Can we add his name to the list of departed Warlords. He kind of coined a saying before he past away. "Once a Warlord always a Warlord." We take great pride in being part of this company. It is a tight nit family we have here. We miss him, just as I am sure many other former Warlords miss they're comrades in arms. It is not the easiest job we have, but we love to serve our country. God bless America. Thank you for your time in reading my email. Perhapes some day we can get some one to tell our storries and tell them right so that our country can know the true sacrifice we and our families give for there freedom.
-SGT Michael D. Stockton
Aco 6-101 AVN


Hello Mr. Tom Okerlund. My name is James Marin; I am a Vietnam Vet, served there May 1970 - June 1971. I was an E-5 grunt with the 1/46th 196th LIB (23rd Infantry) of the Americal Division. Our 5 infantry Companies Alpha to Echo operated out of Fire Base Mary Ann; I am sure you might well know of the tragic events of March 27\28th 1971.


I am doing some research for a journal of my unit's Nam experience. Being in a Company of grunts we were transported to AO's by Huey Gunships. Since the 123rd Avn. Bn. provided support for the Americal Division's ground operations, was the 123rd AVN the unit performing the Air Mobile transport of our ground troops to AO's. I may be wrong and correct me if I am wrong, I recall 1st Cavalry choppers up on the FSB, I recall air mobile and ground support by 1st Cav gunships. I can only guess 1st Cav chopper units operated under operational control of the 123rd Avn. Bn. - Regardless, the sweet sound of the gunships with their crew coming to our aid it's something one never forgets.


Additional FSB's you might be acquainted with, located in the Quang Tin Province were FSB's Professional, Lz Baldy, Lz Young, Lz Mildred, Lz Hawkhill.


Anyway, my quest is to find out which Aviation Unit supported the 1/46th 196th Lib Americal Division in Air Mobile transport of Companies to the bush (in/out) and fire support of ground troops. Any info you might provide will be helpful and very much appreciated. Thank you.




James Marin

 JM-Bruss sput1@wirelessbeehive.com

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